About Us

Who Are We?

We're a non-profit media organization connecting the World together. 

Our Mission:

To inspire and expose humans to explore, feel, venture out, and live to up to their full potential while exposing them to a raw world and universe beyond the norms of society while bringing the World together. 

Our Purpose:

To showcase and tackle crucial life topics and issues that effect the human spirit globally through a collaborative effort with kindred spirits. We do this by educating, publishing and providing services on global art, culture and highlighting global initiatives through our media outlets. 

Our Previous Community Engagements: 

During December 2017 Our organization teamed up with The Community Project and Border X Brewery in San Diego to host the Puerto Rico Relief Event. We raised up about $300 and were able to send donated supplies to Puerto Rico to help the victims of Hurricane Maria. 


In February 24, 2018 we teamed up with The French Table to host a San Diego Homeless Fundraiser. We were able to raise $200 in monetary donations along with food and supplies that were distributed to the homeless community in Downtown San Diego. 

During May 19, 2018, we teamed up with Border X Brewery and Epik Movement for our  Homeless Drive. We were able to distribute food, supplies and clothing  donated to us in the event to the Homeless community in Downtown San Diego in June 2018.